Skill Introduction

The Skills of the Main Character covers many aspects, including single attack, double attack, AOE, special attack and effects.

 One of the important parts of the game is the Skills of Main Character. Thus, let’s take a look to the Skills in game.  


1. Check the skills from the skills interface by clicking the “Skills” icon

2. Skills Interface

Skill description: The Main Character has 7 Skills, there are different types of attack, such as single attack, AOE, and the summoning skill. There are a variety of skill combinations for players to choose from, players can create their own fight patterns to face against different situations in battle!

Skill Specific Description:

Skill 1: Sky Strike

Target: 1

Positioning: Main way in gain Mana during battle

Description: Attack a random single target in the front row with extra 200 damage

Skill 2: Revenge Blade

Target: 1 or 2

Positioning: Require less Mana, main damage skill in earlier stage

Description: Attack random single target in the front row twice with extra 200 damage

Skill 3: Divine · Phoenix Blade (S Skill)

Target: 1

Positioning: Single high damage skill in early stages, using it often could turn the tides of battle!

Description: Deal great damage on a single target with extra 3,000 damage!


Skill 4: God’s Punishment

Target: All

Positioning: Require less Mana, serves as the main attack skill among all the other skills

Description: Attack all enemies with extra 600 damage

Skill 5: Dark · Killing Array

Target: All

Positioning: Requires more Mana, does high damage but has a long cool down rate.

Description: Attack all enemies with extra 3,600 damage.

Skill 6: Saint · Wings of Penalty

Target: Attack random single target 3 times

Positioning: High continuous damage skill in late stage, has a certain chance to recover Mana

Description: Attack a random single target 3 times with extra 3700 damage and has a chance of 50% to recover 30 Mana

Skill 7: Inhibition · God’s Coming

Number of summon: 2

Positioning: The only summon skill of all the skills, it provides damage up and defense up, it’s a very versatile skill.

Description: Summon 2 mirror images in the front row of the battlefield.


There are different types of Hero, make well use of their abilities could create unexpected amazing results!

A Hero can be divided into 3 types: Defense, Magic, and Support Hero.

Each Hero has 2 Active and 2 Passive Skills (certain low Star Heroes only have 3 Skills, which are 2 Active and 1 Passive Skills).

The same applies to Special Heroes as well.

Active Skill: there is a normal attack skill and a special attack skill. Support Heroes have a skill that heals a lot of HP and Magic Heroes have AOE skills and so on.


These 3 different types of Heroes each have their own special Passive Skill;

Magic Hero: The Hero that focus on dealing damage, which also serves as the highest damage dealer among the same Star and Level Heroes. Their Passive Skills, Magic Net and God’s Blessing also gives a boost in attack power.

Support Hero: Mainly adds buff on teammate, provide support, and empower the whole team. Support Hero can increase the CP of the team to a whole new level, and certain Support Heroes have healing skill too. The 2 Passive Skills are Light of Stars and Song of War. 

Defense Hero: Mainly serves as the tank of the team, it has the highest HP and Defense of the team. A powerful Defense Hero can protect the other Heroes at back row from enemy fire.

The 2 Passive Skills are Iron Walls and Crit. Res.

Special Heroes have passive skills like;


God’s Coming


Echo of Soul


Magic Tide

These special skills will affect the battle outcome tremendously.


PS: There are no fixed methods to use these Hero types, players can decide which Heroes are best suited to each kind of battle scenario. For example, if there is not enough damage output, players can select 2 Magic Heroes to boost the overall attack damage. In short, different choices resulting in different outcomes make every match an interesting one.