4-Star Lava Monster Lore

4star Lava Monster.jpg

Enx doesn’t know his origin, his parentage. What he knows is his loyalty to Forest Goddess as she healed him after a disaster that wiped out his people leaving only him. No one really knows how old Enx is, not even himself. People says he is immortal as his appearance doesn’t age.

Skill Analysis

Fire Fist Impact I

Attack random single target in the Front Row, causing 100% Damage


Fire God’s Charge I

Attack a random single target in the Front Row, recover 10%+2000 HP and increase 10%+100 Self Defense for 3 rounds


Iron Walls I

Passively increase 10% HP and 10% Block Rate


Crt. Res I

Prevent 30% Damage when the HP is lower than 50% for 2 rounds