Treasure Hunter Introduction

Treasure Hunter mainly serves as a interaction systems between players, it also gives a lot of Gold if players know where to look.

Treasure Hunter System can be divided into two categories, the initiator and the assistant.


1. If you are the initiator, you can enter the Treasure Hunter System through the “Instance” button. 

2. You can send invitations to your friends from the Treasure Hunter interface, as long as your friend is online and has met the requirements to be invited.

3. You can send out recruits to the World for help in the Treasure Hunter interface too!

4. When there are other players assisting you, the interface will change! You can have the option to have a chat with the player or remove the player from your team.     


5. If you wish to join the Treasure Hunter without assist, you can take the challenge alone by clicking “Start”.

6. After starting the session, if you have a teammate ready for assist, your teammate will start the battle first. If your teammate hero team is wiped out, then it will be your turn to take on the challenge.

If you challenge the Treasure Hunter alone, you will enter the battle immediately.

7. You will receive Gold rewards every time you deal damage to the Gold Goblin in battle. You can take on this challenge 3 times a day. 

8. If you are the assist for other players, you can proceed the assisting through your friend invitation (PM Channel) or invitation from Overall Channel.