《SP》Update Patch Coming Soon : 6-Star Heroes


Storm Persuadercan be download at :-

Android : https://goo.gl/0MmYUq

IOS : https://goo.gl/Hqqcyq


Download Link: http://download.eyougame.com/sp_all.apk

or search 'Storm Persuader' in App Store/Play Store


Dear Storm Persuader warriors, we have good news for you guys, our update patch is finally released, we will unlock the 6-star heroes.

All our servers will be shutdown on 10:00(UTC+8), 15/12/2016 for the system update.

Please adjust your time and offline before the system maintenance to avoid unnecessary data lose.

Below is the full update note, kindly take a look if you would like to understand in details. Thanks for your cooperation(=ω=)


The major feature included below:

1.Unlock 6-star Heroes5-Star Red Hero could stage-up to 6-star

2. Artifact expansion to Stage 12

3. Release Elite Instance chapter-6

4.Release Normal Instance chapter-6

5.Heroes Max Level Expansion

6. Some minor fixes and bug issued

7. Cross-Server Guild War System


Cross-Server Guild War introduction:

a. Entry requirement:  Level 3 Guild and character level of 40.

b. Massive battle joinable by guild member.

c. The rule similar as existing  Cross-Server League.

d. Competition lasts for 2 weeks(1 season).

e. Guild ranking and personal ranking will reset at the end of each season.

f. Not applicable to new server which launched within 7 days.


How to participate:

a. Open for registration from 00:00 to 19:00 at Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Guild registration only can be performed by Guild master or Elder.

b. After the registration due, system will announce the competition board between 19:00 and 21:00. If you keen to know the opponent’s power, you may check it through the competition board.

c. All the online guild member able to join the war between 21:00 and 22:00.

d. The winning condition is to defeat all the opponents.

e. Produces cross-server guild honor which can be exchanged to mythical beast soul and various hero’s stage-up material.



by: SP Official Team