Guideline : Level Up

There is a limit for Stamina usage but most of the instances requires a large amount of it. With limited uses, how do we use the limited Stamina efficiently to Level up faster? Let's take a look of the analysis as below.

There are many ways to get EXP, such as ♦ Daily Quest, Normal Instances, Elite Instance, and Daily Event ♦. For new players, we recommend you to start with Normal Instance. This is due to Normal Instance cost only 5 Stamina whereas Elite Instances cost 10 Stamina. 


"Normal Instance"

"Elite Instance"

As shown in the images above, Normal Instance can get 235 EXP whereas Elite Instance can get 590 EXP, which can be roughly counted as 1 Elite Instance = 2 Normal Instance. Why do we recommend Normal Instance? That is because the Main Quest is always related with the Normal Instance. The Main Quest not only rewards players with large amount of EXP, it will also reward large amount of Stamina, suitable for players that want to level up fast!