Guideline : Battle

A battle should be epic, gorgeous, and diverse; otherwise it not worthy to be mentioned! 


1. Battle Type: Semi-automatic turn-based RPG battle

It’s not a brainless fully automatic battle and it’s not that complicated either. You can choose the skills according to your preference and the whole team is fully controlled by you. It’s that simple. Thus, it not only fun but requires strategic planning as well. It also reduce the complication of game controlling.


2. Attack Sequence:  

a. In a battle with monsters, your side always attack first, the monsters will attack after your round is finished.

b. When battling other players, it goes according to which side attack first. If both side attack at the same time, then the system will randomly pick any of the player to start.

Tips: In most battles, players can choose their attacks, but there are some battles that are controlled by the system and it fights automatically.


3. Number of players: Players can choose to fight alone or choose a Hero to follow them into battle. Player can also invite friends or others players to join in the battle. 

Tips: A Player can choose a maximum of 3 different Heroes, he can also use mystery skill to summon a special Hero to help in the battle.


4. Choice of Skill: During battle, you can choose any skill you like as long as the character has enough MP to cast it. However, some of the battles will be locked to automatic battle. 

5. Battle Classification: Instance, Arena, Hero Expedition, Grimoire War, Random Boss, World Boss, Beast Altar, Brave Tower...etc. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience it, we have everything that you wish for in a single game! 

6. Friend Assist: Some of the battles lets the player choose a friend or recruit another player from the World to fight together. You will never be alone in battle!

7. Hero Assist: Player can get Grimoire from the Grimoire War, learn Guild Skill, assist Hero, and so on to power up the CP of the Heroes in Formation.