Black Market Introduction

Distressed with not enough materials? Visit the Black Market and you can get anything you want here!


The Goblin Merchant will always be at Black Market, selling various rare items that he collects. During 12:00 and 18:00, the Goblin Merchant will restock and sell the new items! For those who don’t wish to wait, you can refresh it with 30 Diamonds; the Goblin Merchant will check his stock and put other items up for sales.

Other than the Goblin Merchant, the Profiteer will appear too! After finishing Normal/Elite Instance, there’s a slight chance that the Profiteer will enter the Black Market.

The Profiteer carries higher level items, but he will only be at Black Market for a limited time, so do not miss the rare chance to get higher level item!

When you reach VIP 7, you are able to summon the Profiteer to stay at Black Market permanently, and never ever worry about he going missing again!