Equipment Introduction

Equipments in the game includes:







Equipment consists of the Attributes as shown below:

Equipment Level: Character Level need reaches the equipping requirement

Gender: Equipment has gender restriction

Equipment Quality: Divided into 5 Level with different colors, from low to high are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary

Basic Attributes: Increases the character's Attributes value when equipped

Enhance Attributes: Through【Enhance】function, increasing extra Attributes value

Gem Attributes: Through【Gem】function, increase extra Attributes value

Star-up Attributes: Through【Star-up】function, increase extra Attributes value

Enhance System Introduction

Enhance System serves as one of the sub for Equipment System. Through Enhance, you can increase the Basic Attributes of equipments you own, and allow the characters to get a more powerful Attributes value after equip.

Enhance will cost Coins. If you failed the Enhance session, the Attribute value won’t change.

Stage-up System Introduction

Through Stage-up, players can increase equipment level and equipment’s basic attributes too.

Stage-up will cost Coins and Stage-up materials. There is 100% successful rate for Stage-up.

Star-up System Introduction

Through using the Star-up function, players can increase equipment’s Star Level, receiving Star-up Attributes, and change Epic to Legendary Equipment.

Start-up will cost Coin and Start-up materials. There is 100% successful rate for Start-up.

Gem System Introduction

All equipments have slots to insert Gems, it will provide extra Attributes to the equipment.

When the character reaches a specific level, Gems on the equipment will activate automatically.

Gem requires Gem Part to increase level, and will add on more Attributes value after level increase.