Guild Introduction

Create or join Guild: Lv18

Create Guild will cost: 300K Gold and 200 Diamonds

Guild System include: Create Guild, apply for Guild, Guild Level-up, Guild Contribution, Guild Skill Level-up, Guild Daily, Guild Instance, and Guild Auction House.


1. Guild List and Create interface: 

2. Guild Info interface: Include some basic Info, such as Guild Name, Level, Leader, Guild Goal, Contribution, Contribute, and basic function, such as Guild Contribution, Quit, Upgrade (Leader has authority), Goal (Leader and Junior Disciple have authority), Land, and Store.

3. Guild Contribution: Contributed Diamonds can receive corresponding personal Contribute point, Guild Contribute point, and Gold. Personal Contribution points can be used to Level-up Guild Skills, Guild Contribute points can also be used to upgrade Guild Level (only Leader has this authority), and Gold can be used to buy item in Guild Auction House. 

4. Guild Skill: Players can use the personal Contribution point to Level-up Guild Skill. And the Guild Skill Level cannot go over the Guild Level 5 times. Guild Skill can be used to increase the Attributes of the Hero in Formation. Quitting the Guild will not affect the Guild Skills that the players had learn. 

5. Guild Communication: Include Guild Member list, Application List, and Guild Chat. Guild Member list will show out the related information regarding the member and operate (different position, different authority). 

6. Application List: Shows the current players guild application. Application requirements are adjustable through the Application Setting. 

7. Guild Daily: Player can invite one Guild Member to assist in the Guild Daily. Assisting a player will receive Gold as reward. After clearing it players will receive rich Guild Contributions, Hero Level-up materials, and Guild Gold. 

8. Guild Pass: Activate at Lv40, players can participate 3 times a day, every run has 10 revival chance, every revival attempt will receive rich item as reward. When the Boss being defeated, it will drop Artifact Stage-up Elixir.