Mount Introduction

Is your movement speed too slow? Appearance not cool enough? Ride in the battlefield on our Mount. 

Not only that it’s epically glamorous, it can also provide you with huge attributes boost, and increase your CP too!

Mount can increase your current movement speed, so you won’t need to worry that the journey is too long!

Mount will increase the Attributes of all the Heroes in Formation as shown below:

✥ HP

✥ Physical Attack

✥ Magic Attack

✥ Critical

✥ Critical Resistance


Feed System

Mount can be level up through Feed, to increase the Mount's Attributes.

Feed will cost Mount Feed Elixir or Diamond, with 100% success rate!


Stage-up System

Stage-up can increase the stage number, unlocking new Mount style, and improve the Mount Attributes in a big sum.

Stage-up will cost Mount Stage-up Elixir or Diamond, with 100% success rate!


Manual System

Player can check out other Mount’s outlook and Attributes through the Manual System.

Player can also change the appearance of the Mount which is already owned, and it will not affect the Mount Attributes.