Guideline : Storyline

The Functions of the Storyline System: Tells the game story, enhance gameplay experience, and further lead the player in the game.


1. Our game’s main storyline is the Summoner’s journey in the Violet Land. In it the Summoner joins the Trial of Summoner.

2. Players will go through through trials and face off against the evil attacker and the summoner trainee. 

3. Do not worry, the Hero of Recovery Land will help you to defeat the evil. 

4. Finish the Summoner trials, you will officially get the Summoner qualification and you get to summon Hero for your own use! 

5. After you summoned your first Hero, he will always stand in front you and block all the damage for you. After that, you need to move to the place which is filled with new enemies to continue your journey, and summon your own legendary Hero!