Special Hero : Ariel Lore

Janna is the daughter of the King of Sea, Landis. She was found stranded along the stretch of Violet Land due to the attack of Poseidon Shrine by the evil minions. She falls in love with the 13th Summoner, expert in using magic for manipulating.

Special Assist Type Hero, way to obtain: Profiteer, Treasure Hunt, or exchange from Expedition Store.

2Star Special Ariel.jpg

Skill Analysis:

☾ Sea’s Smell I 

Attacks a random single target in the Front Row, causing 100% Damage

 Ocean’s Blessing I 

Heal teammates in group by recovering 3% + 500 HP and dispel all abnormal condition

 Light of Stars I 

Passively increase 10% Magic Attack

 Song of War I 

Increase all 3% Damage Free before combat.