Special Hero : Flame Dragon Lady Lore

Riar, the Flame Dragon Lady, is blessed with the gift of fire. Being a slave of The Darkness, it inspires her to kill. Riar is a Defense hero; she is able to deal damage to both the front and back rows,  wiping out the enemy team quickly. 

2Star Special Flame Dragon Lady.jpg

Skill Analysis

☾ Flame Whip I ☽

Attacks a random single target in the Front Row, causing 100% damage

☾ Wrath of Red Dragon I 

Smash a random single target in the Back Row causing 180% damage

☾ Iron Walls I 

Passively increasing 10% HP and 10% Block Rate

☾ Crt. Res I 

Prevent 30% Damage when the HP is lower than 50% for 2 rounds.