Instance Introduction

During Dungeon Instances, players are able to adjust their battle speed at ease, there’s is also various Star Rating goals, rich item drops and all sorts of attractive scenes, come on in and take the challenge!!!


Instance System mainly consists of 2 types of Instance, Normal Instance and Elite Instance. These Instances provide different item drops, the Normal Instance mainly gives Equipment drops whereas Elite Instance usually gives Hero Stage-up material drops. Of course Gold and EXP are the main rewards here.


a. Basic Rules

1. Entering the Instance will cost Stamina, there is challenge limit per day as well.

2. The Instance battle goes according to waves. During early stages, there are 1 to 2 waves of mobs, in late stages will be 3 waves.

3. There are plenty of rewards once you clear the Instance. However, the rounds you take to clear an Instance will affect the Star Rating.

Tips 1: Star Rating will not affect the Instance final drop (EXP, Gold, item), but affects the Star Rating reward.

Tips 2: Different Instance will have different requirement for Star Rating, but the rating is divided into 3 stages (1 Star/2 Star/3 Star). 


In the Instance, there are various gorgeous scenes. Equipping better gears will provide a better chance to complete an Instance, So gear up and get your weapons ready to battle!

Ice Castle:


Wreck Water Area: 


Deadly Warship:


b. A Convenient Game Setting

When battling in Instance, players can adjust the battle speed through the “Speed up” button at the bottom right corner. Players can also choose to fight automatically with the “Auto/Manual” button at the bottom right corner, next to the “Speed up” button. During auto fight mode, the system will choose which skills and proceed to the next wave automatically.


Once players reached Level 20, Instances that have 3-Star rating can be challenged by using Sweep mode. The required Stamina to activate it is similar to the mount required for a regular instance. It’s a faster way to clear Instances and receive rewards.

Tips: When reaching the corresponding requirements, it will activate the Sweep 10 times with only just a click, it’s super easy!



c. Instance Sub System

Other than using the battle system as the main Instance, there’s also other sub systems, such as Star Rating Reward and Exchange Store.

Star Rating Reward System: When reaching the requirement, players will get the corresponding reward. 


Exchange Store: Normal and Elite Instance will drop different Rune or Magic Stone, and these can be used in Exchange Store to exchange the items you want.