《SP》Update Patch Coming Soon : We're Flying High


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Update Patch Coming Soon!! We're Flying High


Dear Storm Persuader warriors, our official update will be released soon. In this update, we will unlock a new feature which is Aircraft system. You will be available to enjoy it when you reach Level 48. Similar as Mount and Artifact , you able to find it inside “Appearance” icon at the bottom of the screen. This aircraft provides 6 types of attributes(Attack, HP, Crt, Crt.Res, Hit, Block) but each attributes are independent. If you would like to unlock new aircraft image, you have to maximise each of the six attributes. During the game, you may swap your aircraft anytime because there is no impact on your current CP and bonus attributes.


To level-up the aircraft, player can consume some Flying Energy Stone. It can be obtained through Endless Trial which unlockable at Level 48 too. The gameplay of this Endless Trial is slightly different from normal instances. There are 5 levels per rank and you may obtain different buff once completed each level. Bear in mind that no buff will be rewarded if passed with 1 star. 2 star or 3 star pass will grant you greater buff. Below is the full update note, kindly take a look if you would like to understand in details.




Aircraft system :

1. Unlock at character level of 48.

2. Can be accessed through “Appearance->Aircraft” from the bottom of the screen.

3. There are 6 types of attributes upgradable on the aircraft which are ATK (Attack), HP , Crit Hit (Crt), Toughness (Crt.Res), Hit Rate (Hit) and Block.

4. Each attributes are independent of each other.

5. All attributes required to reach full level in order to stage up and unlock new aircraft image.

6. After successful stage up, level of all attributes will return to 0.

7. Aircraft swapping will not affect the total CP and bonus attributes.



Endless Trial

1. Unlockable at Lv. 48

2. Located inside Instance->Endless Trial.

3. You will get relevant buff when cleared a level.

4. No buff reward with 1 star score. 2 stars pass or 3 stars pass will grant you different buff.

5. There are 5 levels per rank, obtainable buff in each level is different from others.

6. One free reset daily, reset opportunities are not stackable.

7. Produce gem, buff and Flying Energy Stone( Material for level-up aircraft).

by: SP Official Team