3-Star Magic Puppet

Cersei, the Magic Puppet, met her tragic demise while training to become a mage. Her death shattered her father, Gustave’s heart. Wanting to fulfill his daughter’s dream, Gustave sought help from a fellow Shaman to bring her back to life. The Shaman agreed but only under one condition, she can only be a puppet and can never come back to life. 

3Star Magic Puppet.jpg

Skill Analysis

☾ Magic Ball - Attack I 

Attack a random single target in the Front Row, causing 100% Damage

☾ Magic Ball - Ruin I 

Attack enemies in group, causing 40%+100 Damage

☾ Magic Net I 

Passively increase 3% Crt probability

☾ God’s Blessing I 

Passively increase 10% M.ATK, with a 10% probability to reset skill CD per round